Forza Motorsport 2 -- Weekly Pitpass Report #72

As the air condenses and turns frosty here up in Seattle-land, Turn 10 is constantly reminded of just how thankful they all are. Turn 10 is thankful for their fans, who have supported them long after the launch of Forza 2, and continue to play the game en masse daily. As well, their thankful for the tireless energy of the community to constantly discover cool new ways of interpreting their game design, making the most out of the automotive sandbox they've built on the Xbox 360. Their also grateful for all the hard bundles that are out there this holiday season, whereby anyone who buys a new Xbox 360 (or 360 Elite) system gets to play Forza Motorsport 2 right outta the box. As a result of the spike in November 360 console sales, their seeing a nice swell of new players coming into the Forza fold. In fact, if the folks over at have their numbers right, Forza 2 turned out to be the best selling Xbox 360 game for the week ending Nov. 24th. Kinda nuts, but their excited new players are getting hooked.

DLC Info:
Car Pack 400 MS Points -
Contents are not know except for a Bimmer and a GM muscle car.
Track Pack 100 MS Points -
Almost certain it will be Road America.

Both packs are targeted for Friday 12/7.

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