UK Politicians Speaks Out Against "Call of Duty 3"

"Games containing gratuitous violence and terrorist attacks are bad for everybody. Violent video games make violent people. These are scientific facts."

Nine members of parliment have signed a motion that calls for the British Board of Film Classification to "take further precautions when allowing a game to be sold." The act directly calls upon Modern Warfare 3, or Call of Duty 3 as they have titled the motion which they say contains gratuitous violence and terrorist attacks not unlike those of 7/7. It almost reminds me of South Park: "it should not be viewed by anyone."

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NukaCola2573d ago

Just to clarify, COD3 is a Treyarch WWII game and shouldn't be mixed up with the current title out.

Nate-Dog2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

@Nukacola: Try telling politicians or other people that think they understand video-games (but don't) that. And why is this calling on the BBFC to take up the issue?

RaidensRising2573d ago

Load of rubbish as usual from the ill-informed. Let them have their moment, it's all good publicity for Activision.

rattletop2573d ago

why don't these people do something else?

wallis2573d ago

He must have read the name wrong on his son's Christmas list as he filled out his weekly expense report for parliament.

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