PlayStation 3s See Massive Price Cuts For The Holidays

Gadgehit writes: "In the run up to Christmas, we’re seeing price cuts on many electronics and gaming consoles, but it seems that the PlayStation 3 is the console to look out for when it comes to significant price cuts. Supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, has cut the 160GB PlayStation 3 from a recommended retail price of £199.99 down to just £157.99."

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ForROME2577d ago

I cant wait to see sales figures Xbox has taken NA the last few X mas's; SONY may take this one

Noticeably_FAT2577d ago

The Xbox 360 has had just as many sales so far. I picked up the Amazon one earlier today and there were even better deals elsewhere.

I know people who were able to pick up $79 Wii's, that's just insane!

ForROME2577d ago

I know! I snagged a Xbox 250 Kinect Bundle for 285

I also go gears 1,2 and 3 together for 34.99!


Thatguy-3102577d ago

Lol why are you guys arguing about the better bundles?O.o amazing year for gamers...Now there is no excuse to be a muti-console owner. Might get kinect and an xbox this holiday season.

Larry L2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Last night I went to Best Buy to finally upgrade my original launch 60 to a Slim with this new bundle. Though the line at best buy went around the building so I went to a Gamestop down the street. They had JUST enough of these bundles there for everyone in line that wanted one (like 25 people or so). I guarantee this bundle is going to be a HUGE seller. I live in rhode island. And on one like 5 mile stretch of road there are literally 4 gamestops, 2 super wal-mats, 2 targets and a best buy. And I know at least 3 Gamestops, the Best Buy for sure sold out of this bundle. No idea about the other stores but I'm sure there were similar results. Country-wide, I can't imagine how well this $200 PS3 bundle sold in one day. I'd almost bet close to 2 million.

Plus I didn't want the games in the bundle, so those will be trade in credit somewhere on top of the good deal for PS3. Or maybe I'll try and sell them on craigslist unopened. What a great value this bundle is though. Loving the slim aside from REALLY missing having 4 USB slots already. Need to buy one of the adapters for more since all my peripherals are USB not blue tooth. Otherwise I prefer the slim greatly. MUCH more quiet and light. And since I've always been VERY far away from my router, I can tell you the wi-fi is MUCH stronger than the fat PS3 (and I have 2 different fats, so I know they were all similar wi-fi. slims are MUCH stronger in the same spot).

FourGees2577d ago

Nah. Doesn't have a chance.(in America)
360 > Wii > PS3 for this holiday.(in sales)

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death2smoochie2577d ago

I saw Xbox360's going for $149 for 250gb bundles.

MrDead2577d ago

Got my nephew a PS3 320GB with blu-ray film, 3 games and move for just £249.99 from Argos, offer ended on the 22nd though.

aquamala2577d ago

Damn amazon had ps3 160gb with 2 good games for 200, and Xbox 360 4gb with kinect for 200 with 50 credit. I already have both consoles (although both are old from around 2007), the deals are so good I got both again. I can upgrade my consoles, sell the old ones and The kinect/games included, this costs me about nothing!

SDF Repellent2577d ago

LOL, everything is getting massive price cut during the holidays. Was this guy living in a cave the past 30 years? Unless you are talking about Apple product, of course.