What is SuperBot's "very amazing" PlayStation 3 exclusive?

Eurogamer: "Sony silent on Smash Bros. rival rumour."

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NukaCola2576d ago

I know people will bash it to death and call Sony copycats, but I really don't care. Sony has a metric ass ton of amazing characters and I would love to see them all on one screen. Kratos versus Crash on the latform in Shimbala sliding down the hill, or Ratchet/Clank duo battling Sackboy (dressed as your real LBP save file character) in a heavy down pour of rain in the Park, and even Kai from Heavenly Sword and a Helghan soldier beating the crap out of each other on the street as cars from ModNationRACERS zipping by. Playing as Jak vs Sly Cooper on the floor while EyePet is running around them.

Special Moves, stages, items and more.

It's easily kept without blood and have just cool lighting effects and such. Running at 60 frames.

And the biggest win is the support of PSN. I think BRAWL's biggest let down was that it never got any DLC or support online from Nintendo. This is something I would put a lot of time and money into if it came together well.

Cajun Chicken2576d ago

Only concern is age ratings, how is Kratos supposed to interact with Jak, Ratchet or Sly?

trouble_bubble2576d ago

Couple possibilities I guess.
One: Keep it T for teen. Marvel VS Capcom & MortalKombat VS DC had lotsa hardcore charachters sans gib showers. The StreetFighter blueprint.

Two: Make it M for Mature. Family friendly charachters like Sly, Ratchet, Sackboy risk losing stuffing and dismemberment for the 1st time ever. Maybe a graphic content toggle like in the COD games?

NukaCola2576d ago

Example is Smash

Link has swords - So does Kratos
Snake has guns - So does Drake

Link is a 10+ Rated title
MGS has always been M Rated.

It's very possible for flash and flair and cool lighting effects to replace blood. Kratos can do tons of cool moves without gore, like lighting, or freezing with Madusa's head and shoot flaming arrows (Link can do)

Smash Bros did it well, and I think that if Sony does an all-stars brawler they will do the same. There should be no reason that Nariko kills a Sackgirl. I hope this game comes out. I want to see what possibilities brew!

DonaldBeck2575d ago

i agree, i would like to see

drake vs snake

kratos vs kai

dante vs cole

jax vs cooper

chimera vs helghast

sackboy vs ratchet/clank


Edgeofglory2575d ago

Now thats an idea,chimera come from space well the pure chimera do, would love to see ISA and helghast team up to fight off a threat from them. MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY.

TenSteps2575d ago

Sackboy is too adorable to fight.

Daxter vs Clank for me though a battle of the sidekicks.

remanutd552575d ago

Kratos vs Kai? man Kratos vs Nariko would be a lot better

WhiteLightning2575d ago

I don't see why people would call them copycats other's Sony and you know what happens when Sony does something "wrong", it's over exagerated.

Face it, we've all wanted a Super Smash Bros type game from Sony or even Microsoft....Sony has listened and done just that. Besides theres games, films, tv shows that copy off one another but usual do it better then what it copied off in the first place.

Spitfire_Riggz2575d ago

Very well said man. It will get bashed to death, hell it already gets scoffed at when I bring it up around my fellow ninty friends.


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one2thr2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

OrThe Wonderer Vs. The Character from the "Journey"
Or being able to upload our individual "HOME" avatars into the game with a basic move set made specifically for Playstation HOME avatars then that be F'in AWESOME!!!!! Or "Racer" (the name im calling the Gran Turismo character), he/she would have a 1000 hit combo thats just a flood of cars..... The possibilities are endless

remanutd552575d ago

characters i would like to see
Kratos ( of course he has to feature on that game ) / Nariko
Cole McGrath
Solid Snake
Nathan Drake
Nathan Hale or Chimera
Sev or Helghast
Sackboy /Sackgirl , omg he would win by default lol , who would want to fight little adorable sackboy?
Jack/ Daxter
Ratchet / Clank
Sly / Bentley or even Murray
a Sver / Valor or Raven character
a ModNation Character
Fat Princess character
Leonard ( from WKC )
Kazuma Kiryu ( yakuza series main character , as bad ass as kratos sometimes , i still think kratos is the ultimate bad ass character )
Ico / wander
chernovan / Eucadian
and i think thats it

blackburn102575d ago

Well Sir Dan from Medieval would be nice. I am routing for Spyro and Crash but that is unlikely.But then again Nintendo got Sonic for SSMB. Then Sly, Ratchet and Jak have some more characters that can fill out the ranks. Carmilita Fox, Ashelin, Azimuth, Angela Cross, Captain Quark. But Kazuma Kiryu is a good idea, didn't even think about him. Maybe even Kratos's brother could join the ranks.

remanutd552575d ago

omg i dont know how i forgot Sir Daniel Fortesque !!!!!! yea Carmelita Fox would be really kool too , Deimos ?

Ezio20482575d ago

are Cole & Nathan also in the game??
Sorry but i don't know.

banjadude2575d ago

No specific characters have been named yet, but there may be around 22 total characters. Can't remember which website I read it from, but yeah, 22 ish characters (the guy being interviewed said if so and so doesn't make it to the final game, there's always DLC).

hardcorehippiez2575d ago

is it a 1 on 1 fighter or a full 3rd person arena with weapons an such? yea this could be good. funny to say the least if done right. if 3rd person arena styles just think of all the different styles could be put in maps for the games , like kratos snake ect lbp type world rendered in full 3D . it sounds good , keepin an eye on this title