Underrated Games:- Condemned: Criminal Origins tells you why you should hunt down a copy of Monolith's frightening detective game Condemned: Criminal Origins.

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jony_dols2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Condemned was critically acclaimed & sold well enough on the 360 to warrant a later PC release & a multi platform sequel.

Also you have to remember that the game is nearly 6 years old.

It was an excellent game, that was never underrated.

NukaCola2577d ago

I got the first one on 360 and the sequel on PS3. They were good and I like that a FPS if I may call it that, took a heavy melee approach. It's nice to see a more fist to fist style with FPS views. I like that, like Metroid Prime, Bioshock, Dead Island, and Mirror's Edge. Just cause it's a First Person game, doesn't mean it needs to be just running and gunning.

Cajun Chicken2577d ago

Fantastic game. Playing through Condemned 2 on PS3 recently!

urwifeminder2576d ago

I just picked this up again couldnt get into the 2nd game at all, but condemned criminal origins is great from start to finish.