Turok Xbox 360 Multiplayer Hands-On

Earlier this week, during a meeting with Touchstone and Propaganda Games, GameSpot had an opportunity to spend a couple of hours with a work-in-progress Xbox 360 version of Turok. Specifically, they were checking out a sampling of the game's multiplayer content alongside 15 other players. We didn't get to see anything of Turok's four-player cooperative mode on this occasion, but we were able to play a good number of team-based modes on three very different maps and with various weapon sets.

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MK_Red3951d ago

Hope this game gets the hype it deserves. Its animation and AI are really groundbreaking and Turok franchise definitly deserves more attention.


i have a feeling it will be disapointing

bluecapone3950d ago

Turok will Fail just like it did on N64

MK_Red3950d ago

Turok 1 and 2 are among highest rated games of N64...

picker3323950d ago

Lol it was one of the best games on n64.
Atleast the 2 & 3...

RSX3950d ago

i think this game will be great just like the titles on n64..well some of them were great i dont know were the series was going when it introduced robots and aliens!

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