New Disgaea 3 Scans from Famitsu

Gamersyde writes:

"The latest edition of Famitsu magazine offers a lot of visual material for fans of the upcoming Disgaea 3 on Playstation 3. The charm from this series seems to be back in full force even if the developers aren't willing to change from the (old-looking) 2D sprites".

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Charlie26883639d ago

The game looks fantastic O.o! :D

ruibing3639d ago

It looks like it still has all the charms and wits of its predecessors. I can't wait it for it to be released in N.A.

LeShin3639d ago

....but why not just release this on the PS2? It doesn't look like it using any of the PS3's power and the PS2 has an ENORMOUS install base. Also, if it was on the PS2, you could still play it on the PS3.


Darkiewonder3639d ago


Transition. they have to start somewhere if they ever want to develop for the playstation 3 platform. ^^

[email protected]3639d ago

Look great. Hope for NISA get localize it soon.

Marona3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

And quick too please!

Xemnas3639d ago

Ugh i cant wait for this game x_x.

Foliage3639d ago

Another fan favourite exclusive for the PS3, and a promising one.

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