rawDLC: Modern Warfare 3′s 3D screenshot

rawDLC: "Do you remember, not so long ago, when 3D screenshots became the thing to release to hype a game? Well, as it turns out, Activision and co have been kind enough to include a 3D screenshot functionality as it relates to dead enemies when you’re playing Modern Warfare 3. Don’t believe me? Take a jump and have a look for yourself. You may be hilariously surprised with the results."

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WANNAGETHIGH2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Get a life,Its now boring...Ur comments are now sounding "Rehashed". We know its cool to hate what's popular but have u ever figured that different people means different taste. U all are just hypocrites,bcuz u hate a game u bash the people who like it. One mans treasure is another man trash.

NachosWithCheese2580d ago

I'm curious, is there anything you dislike about Modern Warfare 3? I've been such a massive fan of the series for years, but MW3 felt too similar to the others. I think I got over CoD!

Kalowest2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I didn't know sh!t could be considered treasure.

StayStatic2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Indeed , people need to pick up a real FPS like Serious Sam 3.

NachosWithCheese2580d ago

Just started getting into it. My God, it does old school so well!