Toronto Thumbs Review: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

From the Review:

"I’m not sure about other parents out there, but I love playing video games with my kid. A good portion of the time, she likes to sit on the sofa next to me and tell me what to do; games like Toy Story 3 or Playstation Heroes are more fun for her to watch than to play. Other games like Flower, Eye Pet or -believe it or not- Gran Turismo 5 inspire her to take the controller and participate more actively.

Games that require no controller at all (read: Kinect), like Just Dance 3 or Fruit Ninja, are even more fun for her due to the fact that she doesn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of a bulky controller built for grown-up hands. So when a game like Double Fine Productions’ Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster comes along, she is all over it like Cookie Monster on a plate of cookies."

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