A Ride with Uncharted

Gamersyde has received a video showing a jeep "on rail" sequence of Uncharted. They write "it looks great, it seems very fun, what's there to complain about?"

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gamesblow3761d ago

To me it was one of the most cinematic part of the game. I didn't want it to be off rails and I didn't want to control the jeep, either. They did it perfect! You actually got to participate, but more so like a movie spectator along for the ride, only... you also had the major role of interacting with the scene. It was amazing and nothing has come close to it in terms of visual cinematic in a game. nothing!

Irving3761d ago

You have to see the cutscene before that chase begins, absolute cinematics.

thereapersson3761d ago

The self-shadowing and realistic lighting, and the framerate stays solid. This game is tops!

rofldings3761d ago

where are the xbots? :D

Bubble Buddy3761d ago

in the corner talking to themselves rocking about "Gears has better graphics, Halo has better graphics" lol. now they're gonna say graphics don't matter.

Alcohog3761d ago

The grenade launcher sounds awesome...this game sounds sweet with surround sound!

HarryEtTubMan3761d ago

lolololol Wow... someone actually disagreed. Meaning the were ageeing to be a hater of the game. Jealous Xbots!

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The story is too old to be commented.