Exclusive: Uncharted Artist's Character Models

Via Ripten:

"Richard Diamant, the Lead Character Artist behind Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, has posted some of his work for the game on his website. We at would love to share them with you, because he's a talented guy, and the character models that ended up in the game are some of the best we've ever seen."

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techie3881d ago

Incredible work by the Diamant! And that those first ones are the ingame models is incredible (you can tell by looking at the polygon edges of his shirt) I can see this in the game...with facial animations! Great work.

the worst3881d ago

great work for a great game
cant wait for part2

jorellpogi3881d ago

Richard Diamant is a genius.

bluecapone3881d ago

every Real Gamer should play Uncharted and enjoy everything that title has to offer

Antan3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I don`t know about this game guys........"Uncharted has folds and wrinkles on clothing that just looks very poor for next-gen with all its lack of bump mapping piss poor lighting and HDR greatness".

I know one person who will agree with this statement, anyone wanna guess who that person might be? a clue is its N4G`s resident technical support helpline assistant. His name rhymes with dog. And finally his zany tech talk comments (Its just painted in)have caused 155 users to abandon ship?

Now as a developer, im not a supporter of any one console, but i can see a good looking game when i see it. The 7th of December can`t come quick enough! I`d like to finish Mass Effect before i start this so i have a clean slate.

cr33ping_death3881d ago

is it Piece Of sh!t Gamer? other wise known as POG.

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