TPV: Get your Mod On – A look at 5 Amazing PC Mods

TPV's Phil: "Nightmare House 2 - Forget F.E.A.R, forget Resident Evil, this game is truly scary. One of the scariest and weirdly enjoyable horror games I have ever played, Nightmare House 2 uses the might of the source engine to deliver some great lateral thinking due to the awesome physics engine and really engulfs you into the world.

San Andreas was a stellar game, more than that it was incredible to be frank, a huge world with so much to do. The only thing missing was multiplayer (although it was offered as an Easter egg type of thing where you could do co-op on console with countless restrictions).

Some guys brought it upon themselves then to build up SAMP one of the most incredible mods I’ve seen which runs countless server with thousands of people each day joining them. You can earn money from jobs, buy cars, guns and run away from the cops. Everything you love about GTA is brought online."

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