New Kojima tidbits - Project Ogre is "very different", MGS5/Rising talk, MGS1 remake possible, more

Hideo Kojima shares tidbits on Project Ogre, shares some regretful feelings on MGS4, talks Rising/MGS5, a possible remake of MGS1, and more.

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MegaSackman2577d ago

Remake MGS1 properly, and i will cum.

Jio2577d ago

I really wonder what "Ogre" could stand for. I wonder if it has something to do with the game or if it means the game is different. We'll find out soon I guess.

SSultan2577d ago

Hopefully it's a game based on the movie Shrek.

Jio2577d ago

Best movie game ever!

buddymagoo2577d ago

mmm... Original Gear Rex Experience. Just a guess, maybe a mech warrior type game.

D3mons0ul2577d ago

Maybe project Ogre is a complete realization of that nightmare game in MGS3.

I always wondered if that little tidbit was a teaser for one of his future ideas and the character had a transformation mode that might be considered "Ogre"

Nitrowolf22577d ago

I always wondered. I doubt it, but that could be a cool game. Thought it was just so odd to have that dream and that kind of gameplay and such. Felt like he was gonna release some sort of hack and slash game like that

Pikajew2577d ago

It can be a sequel to Lunar Knights. Since ogres and vampires are both fantasy creatures

consolez_FTW2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Pretty nice interview.
but yeah, interested in this project 'ogre'. Knowing Kojima is will probably be amazing.

also Kojima productions did an AMAZING job on the MGS HD collection. playing MGS3 again in HD really is great ( MGS3 my favorite MGS game in the series and in my top 10 best games ever ). I haven't played MGS2 or PW yet on the HD collect. but I can't wait!

ZombieAssassin2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

It was actually Bluepoint Games that did the HD upgrades, same studio that did the original GoW/ICO collection...still they did an amazing job from the gameplay i've seen they are definitely the studio to handle HD ports.

consolez_FTW2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

oh ok, Just realized it was Bluepoint games..Thanks for correcting.

Didn't even know they did the ICO/GoW collection too, man, they're good at HD porting. Hopefully they can do more HD ports since they've proven themselves to be experienced with it.

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