Games Asylum reviews Uncharted - 10/10

Games Asylum has given a perfect score to Uncharted. The site is listed at Gamerankings and this is what the reviewer said :-

" Despite the game's length, there's a bit of replay value thrown in. As you collect hidden treasures throughout the game and unlock achievements (along the lines of "100 headshots" or "kill 10 people in a row with a stick whilst hanging from a ledge"), a variety of rewards are unlocked – there's basic stuff like Making Of documentary videos and alternative costumes, as well as unlockable weapons, infinite ammo, alternative rendering modes and some interesting fast and slow motion modes. The game's so much damn fun, that when I completed it first time around, I restarted the game playing it in fast mode, watching Nathan jump between ledges like a hyperactive monkey, occasionally switching to slow motion mode for the shoot-outs like the cheating bastard that I am. The last time I even remotely bothered with all that unlockable crap was with Goldeneye on the N64, which possibly shows how satisfying this game is. On the downside, there's no multiplayer player mode, but then this isn't a first person shooter and I didn't hear people making the same complaints about Mario or Tomb Raider. It's just a really excellent single player game, without all of that silly online fluff."

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gamesblow3882d ago

Another 10!!! Can't wait to see this parlayed into the overal scores... "ha" What a joke! this game has got over 23 9 + scores and only 15 have been added. what a pile of Donkey ****!

Bonsai12143882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

gah! i need to get home to unlock all this stuff!! (and i still have to beat the game).. its great that you can implement "cheats" on the fly via the pause menu. i wanna play as doughnut Nate!!

hahaha.. frank lampard goes tomb raiding.. oh man.. i love english websites.. (you know, from england)

in the end, its a well written review, but the ripten one goes more in depth and is generally a better read.

turbogeek3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

to see that Uncharted still isn't above 90% on those stupid, broken ranking systems. i know it's getting old by now but you're in denial if you don't believe Microsoft has control over those ranking websites. CNET = Microsoft. it's funny how all the 10's for Gears, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo mainly came from Xbox sources. tsk tsk.

remix3882d ago

gameplayer - 8/10
loadingreality 9.5/10
justpressplay 9.5/10
ign AU - 9.4/10
slashdot - 8/10
gamesarefun - 10/10
pcn - 9/10
sydney morning herald- 9/10
wonderwallweb - 9.8/10
playtm - 8.2/10
videogamemedia - 9.3/10
play:digitial video review - 10/10
netjak - 9.6/10.

and then uncharted there are like 6 that havent been averaged, i wonder why

PS3Freak3882d ago

they seem to leave out all the positive reviews.. i swear ive seen 4 10/10s and theres only one on metacritic... damn them and their biast ways.

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The story is too old to be commented.