Eurogamer - The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review

Eurogamer: Releasing a high-fantasy game a scant couple of weeks after Skyrim (in Europe) may be as foolhardy as entrusting a hobbit to hurl an all-powerful ring into a volcano, but everyone likes an underdog. While I'd love to tell you that The Lord of the Rings: War in the North succeeds against the overwhelming odds of being a second-tier licensed game clashing against Bethesda's behemoth, the truth is that it's as gruelling as Frodo's journey, yet retains none of the satisfaction, wonder or excitement of its source material.

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madjedi2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Lol i wish reviewers would actually play the game more than 15 minutes before scoring it and coming up with a review.

The willpower regen is too slow, yeah dumbass thats why the mobs occasionally drop power potions to refill your mana bar. -_- You can't continuously spam high damage skills and expect the game to remain challenging do you.

Get a good bow and build your rangers dex up, then tell the skills don't do more damage than normal attacks. Btw idiot you have a single target high powered attack and aoe attacks that do less damage but to more enemies.

The enemies scale to the area, but you can always replay a chapter after you beat it for exp or loot, if you need to lvl up or get better gear.

Thank you said absolutely nothing useful to help people trying to play the game, can we get actual gamers to write reviews, not a poser that made up his mind before giving the game a real chance.

And for it being a buggy game, yeah fallout 3 says hi, then again this is probably someone who reviewing mw3 would alot more forgiving and rate it a 9-10 and praise the hell out of it.

My score 8 if your dungeon crawler fan, it will satisfy your craving, it isn't exactly a next gen champions of norrath but still good.

Yeah 4 is horrible or unplayable me but whatever, thats why professional reviews are borderline worthless to me.

Evil_Ghosty2579d ago

I agree, 4/10 is piss weak and very harsh on this game. When people also complain that combat is repetitive. have they not played champions of norrath??! That game was amazing and you are practically mashing the attack button, but the game was fun as hell, and that's what most dungeon crawlers are like.

if anything the combat feels a lot more fun than some of the older hack and slashes. Obviously it doesn't have the budget of a AAA game, but damn snowblind did a good job IMO.

jessupj2579d ago

Another joke of a review. It's really sad this gen. We should be able to trust a so called "professional's" opinion, but we simply can't take anyone seriously.

franko2579d ago

He probably just looked at the box art... Didn't even open it.