Is The Element Of Surprise in Gaming Disappearing?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte discusses if the element on surprise in single player games are disappearing.

"The element of surprise is an instance or moment when you are most vulnerable to anything a developer or publisher my throw at you. However, has that element been slowly disappearing from gaming? After reviewing Uncharted 3 this brought about certain questions to me that I felt have to be purposed to you our readers. I won’t mention much about the single players titles that I have played as I don’t want to spoil the games for those that are playing or haven’t played the title or titles I am going to talk about."

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BLACKBIBLE2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

LOL Funny Pic! What do you expect she's always getting Kidnapped by Bowsers so eventually you'd think she'd develop stockholm syndrome. LOL

mcmmaster2579d ago

Yes it is, people need to stop playing games like Call of Duty and more games like Dark Souls

gorebago2578d ago

Skyrim surprises me with every step that I take.

Wintersun6162578d ago

I believe it is, or at least it has diminished some. That's just a natural progression from the internet era. Back in 80's and 90's there was no social game news sites like N4G, youtube etc. Now that we have them, those who are anxious to get a certain game on their hands ease their pain by finding out about the game. Reading or watching videos about gameplay etc.

The few game magazines back in the days couldn't yield such massive amount of details including several videos usually showing the top moments of a certain game. If you're one of those information hungry people who pass their waiting time by watching videos and reading details of a game, you're bound to know so much of that game in advance that in most cases that game can hardly surprise you.

That's why I try to keep learning of a game beforehand in minimum.