Why we shoud fear Wii Fit

Nintendo's Wii Fit was recently released in Japan just in time for the holidays at around $80. Online retailers such as play-asia have it on stock for $189.90. As I heard this news, I couldn't help but flashback to this years E3. Specifically, when Miyamato's next big game was revealed, Wii Fit. At this point, I believe a deafening silence swept Nintendo fan-boys everywhere. The same Nintendo faithful, that stood by Nintendo through the N64 and Gamecube era, were seemingly shafted for the casual market. In years past, we were treated to things like Mario Galaxy and Zelda Twilight Princess, franchises that were symbolic of the Nintendo brand, but instead we got what was effectively an interactive weighing scale. With that announcement, it became clear that Nintendo's approach to gaming was in a new direction, "Audience Expansion".

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MK_Red3825d ago

Well, I have been fearing WiiFit from day one because it could essentially be the proof that Nintendo is fully casual now (Miyamoto presenting this game during E3 and NOT SMG or Metroid Prime 3 or anything else).

The thing is that the WiiFit sucks even as a casual tool and worse, many people are going to buy it and other companies may be persuaded to change their attention from Hardcore to casual.

Chris_GTR13825d ago

sorry man but i gotta ask.. dont u have anything else to do? your in second place of top contributors of all time. come on winning 200$ prize per month is NOT at all worth all the effort youve put in to the website. i appreciate what you do but it worries me.

TruthbeTold3825d ago

As much as I disagree with his occasional Wii bashing, MK_Red provides alot of reading material for us here at N4G. Did you ever consider that it might not be all about the measly little money prize? Or that some people have jobs that require them to spend alot of time online? Give the guy a break. We're all better off for the hard work of the go-getters on this site.

MK_Red3825d ago

Actually I'm no longer that active and it was only 2 months that I spend more than 2 hours a day on N4G and it was because I was working on some other net projects and had to sit behind PC all the time (Needed to gather as much money as possible because I wanted to buy all the games that are coming out in 2008).

I'm no longer among top 3 (In November I was 5th or 6th if I'm not mistaken). It's just that N4G is addicting and even though I'm spending much less time here, it still takes more than 1 hour of my daily time.

TruthbeTold, thanks for your kind words :)
As I said in another comment of mine, I'm just alergic to Wii and can't control my Wii bashing even though I love games like Zack & Wiki and Metroid P3 (But really, WiiFit is that bad!).

TruthbeTold3825d ago

From a gamer standpoint, it really is a bit worrisome. But the truth is, my Mom was pretty intrigued by this when I showed her some video of it, so I'll probably end up buying it for her (and playing the skiing and soccer games whenever I'm over there). lol

WilliamRLBaker3825d ago

you do more then most people do in an hour...which is why its hard to believe you only spend an hour here.

TheMART3824d ago


You're certainly more then a hour a day here. Dude I am not posting that much and reading a lot and I would say even I am more then a hour a day here.

The amount you're posting (and I am typen 180+ signs a minute 10 finger blind at least) it must take easily 4 hours a day I guess. Reading it all through, making the post, reacting on others, thus reading up the old posts etc etc etc.

I would say you're truly addicted, even not being in the top 3 anymore, but place 4,5 or 6 still holds a lot and a lot of time spend on N4G

Itachi3824d ago

what MK_RED does is non of your business why do you care about what someone who you never met does

keep up the good work MK_RED and keep providing us with the info

MK_Red3824d ago

I did say more than 1 hour but 4 hours?

Thanks for your comment Itachi :)

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remix3825d ago

people wont get off there lazy asses at there house to go to the gym

gamesblow3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I fear wiifit for 1 reason and 1 reason only... the thought of people actually using it. It's going to be about as painful as watching a Dane Cook comedy marathon or Saturday night live, with musial guest "insert any rapper, James blunt, Nickle Back or Avril Lavegine"

Wiifit is so Qu*ER!

WilliamRLBaker3825d ago

dane cook is awesome, and what are gamers? a bunch of people lazy and siting and playing games nintendo is changing that and im glad for it.

gamesblow3825d ago

Wow, that's a first... next you're going to tell me Family guy is funny and Will Farrell is a comedic Genius, right?

kobonline3824d ago

lets just say it's funny enough.

Grinchy3825d ago

fat people who own a wii should fear this game. Heart attack inducer if ever i saw one!

TruthbeTold3825d ago

Apparently people over 300 pounds aren't supposed to use the Wii fit board. So people within the limit probably are safe for the most part from heart attacks.

PS3PCFTW3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

thats exactly it......this is aimed at couch potatoes.

obesity is killing stroke at a time.

i can easily see this selling a 3-4 million. easily. DAMN YOU NINTENDO. mad props though.

PS3PCFTW3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

psss: mk red, u got owned.

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