Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: Special Editions Review [PixelScribes]

Pixel Scribes: "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is the biggest TV franchise in the world, and has aired in over 100 countries across the globe. Surprisingly, this is Millionaire’s first appearing on the Xbox Live Arcade, though a version does exist for Windows Phone 7."

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Buzz7S2581d ago

Hmm... a little error I believe. One of the add-ons is 240 MSP, while the other (South Park pack) is 400 MSP. At the top, you noted that the question packs are 400 MSP.


Personally, I love it. I purchased the South Park pack the moment I purchased the game and let them both download. I played through a few times, one of them I completed all the way through and walked away with a million dollars.

My first play, one of the achievements glitched, as it didn't unlock. I had to play a second time and get it.

Also, before the "show" starts, the South Park characters are mute, because I have noticed that when I turn off the music, Shelley (Stan's sister) is talking, there are subtitles but no sound whatsoever. But once the game commences, everything is okay.

I can see myself playing this for hours. A good $20 spent. Rather this and not a board game, where the pieces would go missing in the near future.

JoshUK2581d ago

Thanks, I updated that error :)

Yeah its a good quiz game. Well worth the money.