Oxford University Talks about Game addiction

Addict of Fiction (Irony!) writes:
He opened up with a fanmail message where he was praised by two people who were failing their degrees due to his game, he moved on to talk about headlines about people dying and such from video game addiction, “It is a marketing point, a back of the box tick.”

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MultiConsoleGamer2578d ago

I am most definitely a video game addict.

Its better than being addicted to drugs.

CustardTrout2578d ago

I landed myself in hospital by playing a video game, my heart beat got to 180BPM and I fainted.

He didn't find it as funny as I did

ZombieAssassin2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Ha funnily enough what he says goes against what most here would say they enjoy. He pretty much says that what keeps people playing even if they don't like the game is instant gratification his example was "If you pull left, but turn right you still feel in control" many would RAGE if a game did this. I don't want a game to play itself for me and I don't want to be able to make it through a game without dying I like a challenge.

I wouldn't say too many are actually addicted to games, I've seen real addiction hell I've experienced it and believe me playing WoW for 8 hours a day isn't even close.