Master Chief speed painting is incredible

YouTuber macpulenta's striking drawing of Master Chief is there to remind us that Ben Folds had it right - there's always someone cooler than you.

His art is fantastic, that's a given. But the special thing about macpulenta should become pretty quickly. Namely: He's a drawing android. Or he's using magic. If there's any other excuse for the speed with which he's able to render our favorite Spartan, we'd love to hear it.

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thereapersson3911d ago

Really captures the spirit of Master Chief

Nintenuendo3911d ago

Wow, that's amazing. Also, that Ben Folds reference made my day.

Swat203910d ago

im pretty sure he just drew master chief normally and video taped himself and then went back and sped up the tapes. nothing magical about that.

Ahmadinejad3910d ago

mate come back in 4 weeks with any speed that u want and see if u can do the same. stop hating for no reason. Its very impressive. i still think master chief is a bit mroe beefcake but oh well...

Ignorant Fanboy3910d ago

We dont want to watch every hour it took him to draw.

Go back to your coloring book.

monkey6023910d ago

I'm in college at the moment and it involves learning stuff like this but this is way out of my league tat is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.