Top 10 Skyrim Easter Eggs

Pikigeek: Walk into your nearest game store and grab the first half dozen titles of the shelf, and we’ll bet that Skyrim has more content then the lot of them combined. Hell, grab a whole row, and there’s still a good chance that Skyrim will beat whatever it’s put up against because just about the only thing not in this game is the kitchen sink.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2552d ago

Wow could Sheogorath really be me from Oblivion? ..... Awesome....

greatcrusader442552d ago

Completely forgot that I became sheogorath in Oblivion. Another cool easter egg is that Sheogorath is blind in Skyrim and in Oblivion the original sheogorath said he may take the player character's eyes when all of this is over.