A Gamespot reviewer responds to people question

Aaron Thomas responds to people's question about Jeff.

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greenenvy3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

updated with the link to the petition!!!


now you can do something, the editor's box will be flooded, LETS DO THIS GAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same guys who slammed ratchet giving it a 7 when it deserved at least an 8.5 and slammed other games because they either hated the games or they weren't in a genre they like......

BrianC62343911d ago

I agree. Aaron Thomas is the beginning of Gamespot's problems as far as I'm concerned. He's the reason I won't resubscribe to Gamespot when my current subscription expires. I really blame Jeff Gerstmann for that whole fiasco too so I don't care about him being fired. I'll take it as he just wasn't doing his job anymore and Gamespot is cleaning house. Funny how everyone sees his firing as being from his bad review of Kane & Lynch. It could have been coming for a while now and people are jumping to a conclusion. Gamespot is known now as a site you don't respect their reviews. Jeff Gerstmann was in charge of all that.

Hydrollex3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

That's it ! 2 Old-school employees leaving Gamespot + Gamespot no more reliable + People hate this website = Bye Gamespot ! Fetish to money ?

Chubear3911d ago

.. sadly there are still morons in the community that'll still support GS no matter what.

socomnick3910d ago

? gamestop is cool I like them for their harsh reviews.

mark093910d ago

theres a thin line between being harsh and being bias..

Hydrollex3911d ago

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goodganja443911d ago

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Xemnas3911d ago

Dude wtf you looking at your sister O_O like that

Chubear3911d ago

You pimping out your Sis? O.o

name3911d ago

These are people. =/ Human beings with lives. Screaming yay @ their careers experiencing problems is inhuman and pathetic. I don't care if they give mgs4 a 1/10 they still are people and don't deserve to be in fear of getting fired and having people hope they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.