First Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita screenshots

Some new Ninja Gaiden Sigma screenshots have been released for the PS Vita.

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NukaCola2579d ago

Looks good. I loved Ninja Gaiden on DS as well. I love the touch screen features and this looks to have some and BLOOD. Dragon Sword didnt have any blood :(

xtremexx2579d ago

looks good to me aswell, saw some pixelation but hopefully since it will be on a smaller screen it wont be noticeable.

Yi-Long2579d ago

... hopefully no censorship this time for Europe.

Tanir2579d ago

it completely craps all over the 3ds abilities

Sevir042579d ago

:-) very capable hardware indeed!!!!

360ICE2579d ago

Naaaah... okay I guess

LeBronista2579d ago

Definitely these are the first screenshots.. because these are old screenshots from the day NGS was announced for PSV.

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