COD Corner: Thoughts on Modern Warfare 3

This is a story about our thoughts on Modern Warfare 3's online modes.

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NuclearDuke2578d ago

Maps are very small, which is both a good and a bad thing.

Due to the small maps, sniping is much less an impact, which is also why they are much easier to use, than in Black Ops & MW2. SMG's however, is better than anything. If you have a hard time in the game, take up this suggestion and notice the difference:

Primary: PP90M1 or MP7
Profficiency: Kick
Attachment: Silencer, Rapid Fire or Extended Mags
Secondary: Any

Perks: Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw & Steady Aim

Choose the Specialist Strike Package and use the following: Scavenger or Extreme Conditioning, Assassin & Dead Silence.

The key points with this setup is: Move Fast, Aim Fast, Kill Fast. All things specialize around moving swiftly through the map, quickly taking aim and putting bullets out as fast as possible. The Fire Rate of the two Primary SMG's is off the charts and with the Specialist Package, you will at eight kill streak unlock all perks, which literally makes you a walking god.

DARK WITNESS2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

sounds like a good setup for the game and thats part of the problem.

MW3 feels like it is catering to people who want to sprint and spray and nothing else.

I was a big Cod4 fan and i would say my relationship has gone from love to hate, but for the very first time now, my whole clan and a lot of people on my friends list actually agree with me.

Talking about the maps, it's not so much that they are smaller, but what they have done is thrown in a lot more tight corners, a lot more passageways, more buildings and stuff just scattered everywhere. if feels a lot more like a corridor shooter now.

The speed of movement feels a lot less natural now. they took out lightweight, but then put up the speed so it feels like there is not much difference. Thats not so much a problem in itself, but when you throw in the bullet lag with it, it just feels too twitchy.

Most people I know have said it feels more like blackops 2, then Cod4 like the dev's were saying they were trying to get to.

I have always been an assault type of guy and my primary weapons by choice have always been the burst weapons like the M16, Fammas and so on. I don't like camping or quick scoping so I don't use snipers much and I don't like running around spraying senselessly. Thats not to say I can't use those weapons in a tight spot, I can. it's just my default play style. now if just feels like there is no point trying to use anything else other than an smg or automatic.

I get more kills just duel wielding two machine gun pistols then I do with my assault rifle. That says it all for me.

As one friend on my list put it "you just can't take the game seriously anymore." Not that MW was the most serious of games but at least in cod4 it felt more like their was some structure to your attack. where and how you moved around the maps felt more tactical especially if you had a good team.

it's finally convinced my friends not to buy anymore MW games and they are all happy they didn't bother with elite service.

Getowned2577d ago

If I do buy anymore cod games it will be by treyarch.Black ops has way more options,features,better mp and I think that [email protected] was better then MW3(MP and co-op) IMO.MW3 is crap I regret buying it.

xstreetsweeperx2577d ago

I couldn't agree in anymore. You should check out my latest article.

xstreetsweeperx2577d ago

In all honesty. I think MW3 was a step up and a step down. The quality keeps on getting worse and worse. I liked Black ops alot better. I also think that they should keep consistency when determining the games. How do you go from fully auto in single player to 3 round burst in multi

Getowned2577d ago

No one I know likes MW3,they all went back to black ops.Everyone I talk to and all my friends say like they liked the single player but the MP was a huge step down.I did enjoy the single player story allthough I wish it was longer and I hated that *****SPOILER*****

* that soap died and he died in a very forgetable way it was very emotionless for me,but price is a badass the ending was great but I wanted more lol.another thing that pisses me off is that the new mode(forget the name atm) is only 2 player online and there is no co-op if [email protected] did anything right other then haveing the best zombies in cod was it's co-op sp and co-op online and the fun perks for offline in sp that was a lot of fun.

xstreetsweeperx2577d ago

To be honest with you I didn't even give the single player campaign even a chance. Maybe I should give it a chance though.

Getowned2577d ago

I wasn't going to but one of my friends said it was good so I gave it a try and it was good nothing amazing but worth the play though at least once and since I payed 65$ for it I figured why not,but we don't play cod for the story anymore we play it for the MP and the MP is just awful to say it nicely.