Final Fatansy XIII-2 Battle in Valhalla Cinematic (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "Here's a cinematic for Final Fantasy XIII-2 that shows a fight in Valhalla with Caius & Lightning."

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NukaCola2576d ago

One thing never changes. Final Fantasy is always very sexy. Such impressive CGi.

LightSamus2576d ago

Who approved it with the title "Final Fatansy"? XD

zero_cool2575d ago

I'll wait until square enix packages final fantasy 13 & final fantasy 13 x-2 together on one blu ray in a collectors edition value pack!

P.S...Separately both games are not worth $59.99 plus taxes but if they were sold together then it would make it an excellent value!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Sevir042575d ago

Generation has always had Amazing CGI for every Gen! this stands to testiment! :-) I'll likely get FF13-2 because i'm a fan. We'll see if this holds up!

Tenkay232575d ago

I crapped by pants. Lightning is so sexy. This game is going to fix what was wrong with XIII (which isn't a lot btw)

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