Head2Head: Gears of War 2 vs. Gears of War 3 Performance Analysis

Lens of Truth writes - "Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here’s a short article we’ve had “in the back” for quite some time now, however, due to new release after new release this season, it sadly was forgotten about. Alas, lets get to it. In our latest Head2Head Feature, we put EPIC’s latest masterpiece under our lens – Gears of War 3 — and what better game to match Gears 3 up against then its already impressive predecessor?"

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Soul Train2574d ago

Gears 3 is a truly amazing game, the lighting is just crazy. It really is hands down the best looking UE3 game.

hennessey862574d ago

why you have disagrees it is by far the best lookinh unreal engine game.

DeathAvengers2574d ago

Isn't it unreal engine 2.5? Game is amazing though, hit me up- H4wtsauce

2574d ago
gypsygib2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

When they said Gears 3 was "extremely colourful" they meant relative to what exactly? Gears 3 had more sunlight but it was still a very brown and grey game.

Nevertheless it's still an amazing looking game, although, I think Batman AC graphics look better, but that's all at night so it's probably easier to render.

P_Bomb2574d ago

Nice to see comparisons of games on the same console for once. Doesn't always have to be PS3vs360. Games in the same series evolve & devolve all the time.