EA: Even FIFA Street will outsell PES

In an interview with OXM UK, EA's Sid Misra seemed confident that FIFA Street could follow up on the successes of FIFA 12 - selling more copies of their offshoot than Konami's main title: "I think that's an attainable target".

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farhad2k82548d ago

It was obvious.
I mean, PES never stood a chance against FIFA.
You never see a PES video on YouTube, you never see PES being bought in a store.
The game is dead, soon.. Konami will stop making PES. Mark my words.. 2014 I'm guessing.

LoLZoRz2548d ago

hmmmm a little too cocky

loudhugo2548d ago

i guess we all had the same thought... dont get too cocky

spacedelete2548d ago

sad thing is they are probably right.

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The story is too old to be commented.