Top 10 best games of 2011

X360:"I know there’s still a few more games still to be released this year, but nothing that threatens to take the place of any game in this list, I’m sure. So that means its time to list the best games of the year!"

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Venox20082403d ago

shadows of the damned needs to be in here

acemonkey2403d ago

really bulletstrom? even Rage? joke of a list

fallacious2402d ago

Why is littlebigplanet 2 on this list made by an xbox360 magazine?

ASTAROTH2402d ago

They are trying to be impartial and less fanboys... but who the hell believe them when theres no mention of BATMAN, Gears3, Uncharted 3 and Zelda...LOL

spektical2402d ago

what a horrible list lol