New Killzone 2 Screenshots

New screenshots including a helgast droid, and more.

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Relcom3881d ago

This game couldn't look any better. Its so bad ass.

Time Lord3881d ago

Nothing to see here, move along...

xc7x3881d ago

ahh i got suckered in GRRRR!!!!

sonarus3881d ago

the air vehicle is new to me never seen dat 1. Everything else aint new

PS3PCFTW3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

wait a fuccin second, is it just ME.........or does the game look even MORE POLISHED??

damn, it looked awesome before. though the textures and antialiasing look much better now.

lol, bots hittin disagree is mad funny. U XROD BOYS ARE PATHETIC. why dont you xbots just go play your epic-designed-for-FPS-ONLY-RRO DBOX?

HAha you bots never realized that huh? your rrod box was designed FOR A 3rd person shooter.......

C_SoL3881d ago

it looks alot more polished.....looks fukin awesome...

xc7x3881d ago

the air vehicle is at the end of the video,did you not see the videos?

lawman11083881d ago

NOT game play.............

shmee3881d ago


well the only competitors are MGS 4 and FF13.

but KZ2 will get GOTY nomination no doubt

jiggyjay3881d ago

KZ2=Lair... This game will turn out to be like Lair.. Looks really good but plays really crappy!

waltercross3881d ago

at least most of them are indeed game play.

The_Engineer3881d ago

why don't you STFU you ignorant baboon, anytime you want I can school your dumbass on the MANY features in the cell that ABSOLUTELY make the 360's crappy and unoptimized design for gaming look like JUST THAT!!

ignorance is a sad thing to watch in action.

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Hydrollex3881d ago

Why the game is dark ? Ummmm

Relcom3881d ago

atmosphere. It sets the mood of the game. Not everything is bright ass halo

NoUseMerc3881d ago

This isn't the only level in Killzone 2. Let's just hope that there are some more colorful environments. But think, the first Killzone was very gray and

If you are looking for a game with color go pick up Uncharted.

PS3n3603881d ago

a sony "fanboy" criticizing killzone 2. Maybe I was wrong about you. I thought you were blindly favouring ps3 but it seems you actually are not completely biased. I think thats cool. I will be the first to admit if my console of choice screws up ie sh1tty 360 hardware. I am used to dark over contrasted 360 games and I dont like it either. These are not in game though and the gameplay footage shown to date does not look too dark. I am looking forward to this game alot. It is definately the ps3 system seller for me. working on getting one now.

shysun3881d ago

Yeah dumbass, if you played KZ one you'ed know all of their leavels aren't dark.

mark093881d ago

"Why the game is dark ? Ummmm"

Now ask yourself why Gears of War was dark, the reasoning will be the same.

Bits-N-Kibbles3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

There isn't a rainbow pallet of colors for every level... I bet if you look outside when there is a storm you see mostly grey, not bright greens, yellows and oranges.. I suggest you look at some of the Killzone concept art...

Edit: I guess Spike47 said the same thing basically before me...

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iceice1233881d ago

More blurry and dull dead screenshots of this game. Seriously this game has no life at all to it.

PS3PCFTW3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

the only thing thats lifeless is youre brain and your rrodbox. Go kill yourself like your xbox does.

eleaz143881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

what are you doing here, you dont even like the PS3

DRUDOG3881d ago

You've got to be at least top 5 if not top 3 RRoD fanboys around here. I never see anything but garbage in your posts. I've even seen you dressed down by your fellow fanboys so why are you even talking smack about a game you'd be drooling over if it was on 360?

kydrice3881d ago

These screens aren't new...well I don't know about that last one because it's too dark but yea these screens suck. I SAID SCREENS!! they need a better capture and some real new footage. Looks like someone played the trailer, paused it, took a photo of it and uploaded it.

snoopgg3881d ago

Killzone 2 will be one of the better Fps this year and its only on Sony. Its amazing how a impressive exclusive has no life to it at all. This game will sell off the fact that it kicks arse, not because it is a overhyped piece of shat!!!!

resistance1003881d ago

Icewake before you make retarded comments like that, care to play the first killzone and then say your point, if there is one thing killzone exceded in, it was creating an amazing atmosphere.

Colour doesn't mean atmosphere you know

sonarus3880d ago

cus dats what they did. guerilla hasnt released nuthin new and psu is jst makin screens off the gameplay footage. Killzone 2 looks awesome but not every 1 seems to be digging the color. This is warfare ppl and other harsh weather conditions on another planet thats wat its supposed to look like. If you dnt like the color of warfare on another planet under harsh conditions then thats fine killzone 2 might not be for you even though not every game will be like that. You can't expect rainbows and roses and daiseys in such games if you want color play uncharted another great game. Dnt critisize the game for going with a different look than ur used too

r3xmund13879d ago

that trolls like you make decent Xbox (AND ps3) owners look bad...

Yes KZ2 is dark, it's meant to be, its post-apocalyptic and moody! i love Halo myself, (all 3 of 'em) but hot-damn sometimes I wish they toned down the Bloom just a little! and everyting does not need to be bright and lovely!!!! War is hell boy, Knuckle Up!

Lawlzzor!! >_+

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Sevir043881d ago

we all know how gritty the game is so poose to feel and look but it sucks becaus ethese aren't even screen shots they are stupid screen captures from the game running... as you can see the blurr and the motion deicted from the helghast from the first pic... poorly taken job. they should have left it alone... i've seen better screens from this game than this BS..

Spike473881d ago

atmospehere like Relcom said.

Not all games are bright and pink and green and look like a christmas celebration.

This is the true atmospeheer of war, the same one cod4 has, dark.

You think a modern battefeild would have perfect green grass with a nice sky and no dark clouds whatsover.


lawman11083881d ago

And you guys go and put all of your eggs in one basket ......again *COUGH* LAIR * COUGH* This game has "bad news" written all over it. All of these "screen shots" are cut scenes from video in the game NOT game play. I will bet this game will be THE let down for the PS3 in 2009 because it wont even be ready for Christmas 2008. And YES I own a PS3 and a 360....So far the 360 " HAS THE SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLZ"

waltercross3881d ago

I read in a E3 report that many of these screens look like video capture but are indeed gameplay.

also, this is a $40 mil game, can't do that bad!.

Douche3881d ago

You are a genuine [email protected] This is all from gameplay. All "cutscenes" are streamed into gameplay and run off of the ingame engine. But all of the screenshot shown are from screen captures of actual GAMEPLAY. What in the hell makes you compare Lair to Killzone 2? Killzone 2 is developed closely between Sony and Guerrila and has the backing and publicity that Lair missed out on. Which is why Killzone 2 has it's major funding. And Killzone 2 is not JUST graphics. There is so much technology going into it that makes it stand out from not just Lair (which is not a shooter) but every FPS to date. Superior lighting (500 dynamic lights in just the level shown), an unbelievable hit reaction system, real world physics of blood, and according to yourself, gameplay that matches the quality of cutscenes. You say you own a PS3...that's bull.