IGN Reviews Pain for the PS3: 6.8/10

Greg Miller writes:

"Pain is fun enough. Slamming Jarvis into the Manhole sign and then attempting to ooch him into the police car's path so that he can grab on and get propelled into the propane tank can be a riot. The game looks good, controls well and has lots of trophies to keep you going.

"However, the game is underwhelming and feels incomplete. You're paying $10 for two characters and one map that has the same routine every time you reset it. Leaderboards don't let you see how your friends racked up their score, there's no online multiplayer and the in-game "Community" is just a link to the Pain website. There seems to be a movement to include these things as downloadable content, but I can't review the game based on what it might be one day -- and even if I could, I'd still worry about the price of these additions. As of now, Pain can be fun but has a number of shortcomings that make it feel like a demo and hold it back from being the PSN standout it could've been."

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DemiseofPandas3881d ago

The reviews are always going to downplay that the game is only one level. The most fun I have is the multiplayer, and while online might be nice, it doesn't have the same effect as slamming a manhole in your friends face and watching his reaction as he sees his hopes for getting a strike go out the window. The amount of modes make up for there only being one level.

gamesblow3881d ago

The thing about xbl and psn games is this... We can't review them on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm sorry. These are not full priced games and when looking at Pain getting a 6.8, well... that's what Tomb Raider Legend got and it was a full game. See what I mean? We need to have a review standard for these down-loadable games. The same scoring that applies to AAA games for ps3 and xbox 360 shouldn't apply to downloaded games you can buy for 5 to 10 bucks. It's, once again, a broken system.

solidt123881d ago

I agree. 6.8 for a PSN game is good and as a matter a fact I think most games this gen are getting higher score than they deserve. Live and PSN games are a different beast. Im gonna buy this game today. Looks like alot of fun

candystop3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

6.8 ouch...but thats a good score for a psn game!

cloud360-7th_account3881d ago

I think Stardust HD is better than this, its the only PSN game that Wii owener and Xbox owners are jealous of. And i wanna play

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The story is too old to be commented.