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Submitted by xiren187 1534d ago | article

Skyrim – Cannibalism Explained & the Ring of Namira (Daedra Artifact)

One of the Daedra Artifact that you can find in Skyrim is the Ring of Namira, in which it allows you to learn cannibalism and eat human flesh. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

EditorAtGNG  +   1534d ago
I still have the quest in my quest log and I dare not finish it... the thought itself is disturbing, let alone the act of cannibalism.
execution17  +   1534d ago
i did it, i don't mind the little boost in stats :P
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1533d ago
It's a video game...
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1534d ago
SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do it as a werewolve whats the difference? character model
Kal853  +   1534d ago
Wolves have a long history of eating people and no-one has ever called it cannibalism.
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Spitfire_Riggz  +   1534d ago
I meant to say you eat people as one (not cannibalism) . So I guess its just the thought of it? Because if you can do it in beast form whats the difference.
jjb1981  +   1534d ago
If you were a werewolf, eating people isnt wrong, its natural. On the other hand, eating other werewolves would be cannibalism...
gamesmaster  +   1533d ago
i ate my brothers toe nail when i was 3...
FredEffinChopin  +   1534d ago
I find myself having embarrassing little pangs of conscience in games too. I'm feeling so guilty doing my Thieves Guild missions >.> Something about extortion...
rdgneoz3  +   1534d ago
There are some grey areas in the thieves' guild missions. Some of the ones deserve it :P


The Honeybrew meedier mission (I think), the guy that helps you with info tells you how the owner loaned him money he could never pay back and treats him like a slave basically. I thought he was just a disgruntled worker at first. Then when I talked to the owner, the guy basically said he took advantage of the guy because "nothing like cheap labor". After that info, I didn't feel sorry for what I was going to do to him >:)

Legion  +   1534d ago
Nothing personal but looking at your avatar picture... I am thinking you have thought of cannibalism a lot in your life? (a little Jeffrey Dahmer-ish) j/k
EditorAtGNG  +   1534d ago
Darn! You got meh! :D
jerethdagryphon  +   1534d ago
technically its only cannibalism if your one f the human races
HardCover  +   1533d ago
But even on a Dunmer the NPCs will call you a "Nord" and a "son of Skyrim."
Kal853  +   1534d ago
I have a big problem with this being called cannibalism and somehow controversial. First off, it's only cannibalism if you're eating your own species. Any race other than Breton, Nord, or Redguard eating human flesh is NOT cannibalism. On top of that, I think my Kahjit, a feline, eating any species is perfectly normal. When a male Lion wants to mate with a Lioness that already has cubs he eats the cubs. Technically that is cannibalism, but it's not in any way taboo or out of the ordinary for the species.
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Bolts  +   1534d ago
Right, because Nord isn't human. Lol. I'm not sure what's more disturbing, cannibalism or your warped justification on why it's ok. It's a game, you could've said you did it for the stats.
Kal853  +   1534d ago
I thought Nord's were human. I said other than Nord, Breton or Redguard, which are all human. I'm not trying to justify anything. My point is everyone is pretending or at least presenting it as cannibalism and acting like it's some taboo thing that's controversial. The fact is cannibalism is very taboo because it's humans eating humans. If HUMANS aren't eating HUMANS, then who gives a crap. Stick to the facts. I can't eat tons of meat and claim I'm a vegetarian, and I can't be lactose intolerant if I have milk all the time. That's why words have definitions. I couldn't care less if my Kahjit eats a venison steak or a baby Nord baby sitting in a crib. That's what big cats do.
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KaBaW  +   1534d ago
@Kal853 -
Right, because an Imperial isn't human. Lol.

Legion  +   1534d ago
You are thinking of cannibalism from our point of view. As we only have one human species.

Cannibalism in Skyrim delves more into the humanoid species. Only I am not seeing why Giants and other humanoid creatures aren't included in that? I have eaten a lot of Giant Toe. :)
HardCover  +   1533d ago
"If HUMANS aren't eating HUMANS, then who gives a crap. Stick to the facts"

Some people tend to enjoy roleplaying in roleplaying games. Go off on all the big cat tangents you want, but you're neither right nor wrong. You just feel differently about which of your disbeliefs to suspend.
FlashBack  +   1534d ago
Just calm down with this skyrim guide crap:
1. Play the game yourself
2. I like skyrim, a lot, got it day one, but this is just too much
Legion  +   1534d ago
Simple don't read it.

I don't get why people complain about all these guides and such, especially for a single player game. What does it hurt you? Is it like crack and you can't help but look at it? Well then maybe that is YOUR problem?

I find them amusing and interesting. Skyrim is so large that it is hard to be able to see everything in the world. The guides allow us to see aspects from another players view. And for some having issue with a particular task then they can find a guide to help them through it.

Face it Skyrim is huge and thus many guides are likely to be posted.
FlashBack  +   1533d ago
Actually it does, it's occupying space that could be used for more useful stuff
Legion  +   1533d ago
And that would be your censoring of N4G for your own qualms? Who are you exactly??? Skyrim is currently the number 1 thing on gamers minds... so get used to it. Then the next big game comes out and you can complain anew.
bozebo  +   1534d ago
I am also kind of confused as to why people would feel the need to make guides on these small things.
eak3  +   1534d ago
This sounds like a quest that could totally be missed if not done in this order. THese little guides are a good source of info that most players would never have ever discovered.
nan0  +   1534d ago
What I'm planning to do, is clear the place out, etc. Bring the priest, so that all of the cannibals show up there from the town... Then wipe all of them out and let the priest live. F that ring, F Namira. F that Daedric prince (or cess). I like getting all items on games, but I'm happier knowing I don't have that ring.

Also, I'd use a weapon that I would dispose of after. Who wants nasty cannibal germs on your weapons? Yuck.
Legion  +   1534d ago
I have already found human flesh in the game and tasted it to find out what it does.

Nothing new with the ring except changing the effect of the human flesh you are eating. You have already been able to eat human flesh in the game.

This just allows you to get more to health you up.
Lord_Sloth  +   1534d ago
What does the ring do differently?
Legion  +   1533d ago
it makes it so that when you eat flesh it is able to give you a health boost like eating other meats.
Gamer-Z  +   1534d ago
Its game guys not real life, just think of it as eating pixels. Anyways whats with all these guides kinda takes the fun out of exploring and figuring out your next move.
MajorJackHoff  +   1534d ago
You people are overreacting. It's a game.
SwampCroc  +   1534d ago
For the cry babies that are arguing or say "I dare not finish it"..... Grow the hell up..

I mean it's not like you actual are eating anything... I don't recall a time ever seeing my character actually shove an ingredient or food in his mouth when I clicked the button...

Shit, the character doesn't even bring a potion to his lips...

Wow... what a pathetic excuse for a gamer... Cannibalism is scary and taboo... I can't complete that quest...


God will hate me....

Grow some balls.... holy shit... try eating some human flesh... it's not too bad.

Namira owns your soul!
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1534d ago
I don't even even know why people think cannibalism is taboo at all.

We can talk about history, but even today, cannibal native tribes still exist all around the world. There are also diseases (some even caused by parasites, not necessarily a mental case) that cause an animal to eat his own species... In fact, considering other animals, cannibalism is not rare at all.

Also we see the extereotypical cannibal nutcase in movies every once in a while. We even cheer for them in some... Now in a game it's "oh grey areas".

Cannibalism is not forbidden because you shouldn't eat other people, it's the classic plane crash scenario, if they were dead and you would starve to death otherwise... Cannibalism is forbidden because it normally demand you killing someone else, which is a crime in all of modern society... But apparently no one have a problem with it in the game.
WetN00dle69  +   1534d ago
Ohh wow this is awesome!
The only three artifacts i have gotten is the helmet from that dog person, Hammer from Malacath and the armor that covers you in a black smoke.
Games4ever  +   1534d ago
Do not believe in god. So for me it is natural to eat another human being in the game. is a way to survive when you're pressed :-) it's not so bad, think if they had shown a naked woman?? then all would have gone completely berserk. especially those from U.S :-D
KrimsonKody  +   1533d ago
But I just have to throw in the ole "does it taste like chicken?" innuendo,
Excuse me, please.
& I think the real cannibalism crime here is the graphics eating graphics...
Wake me when there is some real "eating" going on...
leemo19  +   1533d ago
i just finished this quest last night. I don't think cannibalism is right but its game not real life. people wont finish the quest cause your eating a human why even allow the women in the hall of dead to even live than just kill her and you wont have to do this quest at all.
All i did was finish the quest get my exp, ring and killed everyone afterwards. Is doing the quest to just get the ring worth it no but getting exp should. You can sell the ring for some decent coin or dechant it and get your enchanting up.

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