Kinect Development Team 'Ready To Change The World Again'

NowGamer: Kudo and co. cooking up next-gen games tech?

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FlashXIII2581d ago

Change the world again? If that listing is a troll 10/10!

IAmCornHolio2581d ago

Enjoy the aftermath of this Christmas season... XBox is already crushing everything else

World Wide, because the USA is not the world...

But none the less, the next 7 weeks will leave the PS3 "someday we will be second place!" fanboys quivering and hiding in the corner again crying "But this is supposed to be the year that we caught up!" with all their dreams of second place crushed and destroyed...

Until next march when SDF will triumphantly announce, "2012 is the year of the PS3" and promptly copy pasta a list of exclusives that most won't care about.

_DragonSlayer_2581d ago

^^^^^ lol Some people just don't know the truth if it smacked them in the face...Enjoy lala land Corn...

ZombieAssassin2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Not to get into the whole sales thing...but the xbox isnt crushing anything world wide, pretty sure ps3 has been outselling it world wide ever since it came out except for 1 year.

Your whole "someday we will be second place!" thing is stupid as I see most fanboys of a certain console beating their chests already for being in second and never achieved first place and most likely won't this gen as I doubt MS will give it much 1st party support when the nextbox launches since they have like 4 studios.

Anyways, it'd be nice if they could some how get more mature (not gonna say hardcore) games out...because who the hell would want to play kinectimals 2...

FlashXIII2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Do you work for Microsoft? If not I think it's pretty sad that a gamer has to come back and quote some so far non existent figures to defend Kinect. As a gamer, I couldn't care less about sales/profit figures.. it's a nice bonus which I'm happy about when deserved but ultimately there is only one lot of figures I care for and that's the amount of quality games released.

Also Kinect didn't "change the world" the wii technically did by bringing gaming to a completely different and ever elusive audience, Microsoft just leeched off of that's success and bettered it slightly. Fanboys can disagree with that as much as they want but the Kinect lineup looks extremely similar to the wiis.

Not to mention out of the 50-60 friends on my XBL list, 30ish family members of various ages and a lot of friends and acquaintances, I don't know a single person who owns kinect nor has ever even mentioned it.. that's hardly "changing the world". Now I am from the UK so maybe it's different in North America but the UK is the "world" after all.

mendicant2581d ago


If Microsoft just "leeched" off of the Wii's success then what does that say for the device that actually looks like Wiimote and designed to do the exact same thing just more precise?

The Kinect lineup looks like the Wii's? What does the Moves lineup look like?

Corn is right.

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NYC_Gamer2581d ago

nice piece of hardware that could benefit users with apps

Blaine2581d ago

To change the world "again"... Don't you have to have changed it once already?

StrongMan2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

I'm still waiting to scan my skateboard into a game using Kinect and play with 4 players like MS promised.

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