RoboAwesome's King of Fighters XIII | Review (Xbox 360)

I have a problem. The first step to solving a problem is to admit to it, which I just did. The second step involves being more clear about said problem. My problem is this: I love fighting games, but I suck at them. It’s a terrible curse that I must keep. When one of my friends invites me over and I see they have a fighting game, I get a little excited, even if I know I am about to get my ass beat. There are a lot of fighting games out there, but I’ve always had a thing for the King of Fighter series. Its partially because I loved the Fatal Fury anime and I’ve always felt SNK was an underdog to the mighty Capcom. So while everyone was going crazy over the new Marvel VS Capcom, I’ve been secretly hiding for the newest installment of King of Fighters.

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AronDeppert2525d ago

I really suck at fighters.

RoboSpiff2525d ago

me too, but i love them too :/

RoboRyan2525d ago

Same here. Too many button combos to remember. I just end up hitting punch and kick repeatedly.

Pozzle2518d ago

Lol I'm the same. I grew up with Super Smash Bros, so when I tried to move onto other fighters I was like "WTF are these combo things??"

Desert Turtle2525d ago

Did any one else click this because of that image?