Notch Apologizes for being a "d*ck"

With the ongoing war between Notch and Yogscast, Notch has finally said something that should make everyone put down their torch and pitchforks.

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Criminal2582d ago

This whole thing with Yogscast got blown out of proportion. They should've sorted it out privately.

TheBeast2582d ago

Honestly, using the excuse of tired doesn't count.

JsonHenry2582d ago

I have no idea who either of these people are. I'm guessing from the picture one of them at least has something to do with Minecraft?

Elwenil2582d ago

Notch is the creator of Minecraft but until all this BS, I had never heard of the supposed "Yogscast celebrities". In my opinion, regardless of who they are or what Notch did or said, if the allegation that they wrote "F--- You" over Notch's autograph on someone's property is true, then I could care less who they are and they deserve a beating.

WhiteLightning2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Why did Notch apologize, he has nothing to be sorry about. They were acting like the dicks not him

He was tierd.......AND

When your trying to state your side of the audience thats the poorest excuse ever. They never even brought up any of the real issues that they were called out for.

Si-Fly2582d ago

He wouldn't be making a public apology if he hadn't over reacted and I admire him and Yogscast for sorting this out... Now how about an apology from you and every other N4G user who similiarly over reacted to this story...?!

AEtherbane2581d ago

The thing is, Notch does apology after being out of line, even though he really didn't have to.

Si-Fly2581d ago

Probably the best gaming show on YouTube! If you like Minecraft and RPGs check out their channel, very funny.