Gears of War 4: Things We Want to See

Gears of War 3 launched in September and is still being played in homes all across the world. Still, that doesn’t stop us from speculating about the next title in the series. Gears of War 4 – what will it be? What should it entail? What do the fans want to see?

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The Meerkat2461d ago

A forge style map editor.

Some player made customisation of the guns and player models.
(Armour changes like Reach, Gun changes like Black Ops)

A full PvP campaign where online players get to be the bad guys and control jumps from body to body as they get killed.

A good story.

No Lambent.

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NukaCola2461d ago

Gears 3 is quite vibrant though. They definitely added some good color and art to the landmass.

I would like to see more puzzles to break up the pacing a bit.

enfestid2461d ago

The most recent Gears of War game is pretty colorful, actually.

krazykombatant2461d ago

yeah from pale gray to lighter gray.

_Aarix_2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

For you: a better tv

Im guessing you never played it. Ever seen mercy or thrashball? Those are beautifully colorful and vibrant.

Lord_Sloth2461d ago

Characters that don't look like they've eaten the rest of the cast as a side next to a plate full of Roids.

HemDroid2461d ago

Would like to see Dom rise from the Ashes
And also like them to kill of braid or bird or whatever his name is
And show us some more TiTs

enfestid2461d ago

I was with you until "show us some more tits."

ZombieAssassin2461d ago

A ps4 release!!!

But seriously I thought the first 2 games were sweet as hell SP wise. When it came to MP though I only really liked Horde mode, I liked how Gears1 actually had a server list though and made it easy to get in games while in Gears2 sometimes i'd be waiting 10+ minutes just to get into one. Still haven't go play all the way through Gears3 as I no longer have an Xbox but I did play a bit of it at a friends house and it seemed solid.

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The story is too old to be commented.