PS4 and Xbox 720 could learn a trick from OnLive

Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews writes: In this article we look into whether or not the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft should feature instant demo streaming functionality like OnLive - we think the pros outweigh the cons, do you?

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iamnsuperman2581d ago

"One thing to remember is that internet connections are ever-increasing in terms of speeds".

Well this is debatable. It depends when the company want to lay a cable or not. The problems is these companies are reluctant to do so because it cost a lot of money. There isn't one company that wants to take the plunge first (other will follow after). Speeds are increasing more like they peak at a certain speed and it takes a long while before the next upgrade happens.

If the streaming could work with current speed then go for it. It is a nice, though small, feature. If it doesn't then do not bother. Waiting for speeds to increase could be a while and may be available for the next next generation.

theseeder2581d ago

Streaming has proven to work on OnLive.... so much so that I forgot I was streaming!

joeyisback2581d ago

i hope ps4 offers the streaming :-)

GoldenPheasant2581d ago

yeah, the trick is not to go down that route.

Streaming has proven that it is garbage... so much so that I was constantly reminded I was streaming!

hazardman2581d ago

They could do it if they wanted too, kind of when you buy a movie and while it downloads you can watch it. Getting a demo instantly would be awesome but i dont mind waiting for a demo to dl, I'll just go do something else or play a game while i wait. No biggie.

B1663r2581d ago

Why would they wait until the next-gen to do this when both the 360, and PS3 are perfectly capable of doing this today? All it would need is an app...

theseeder2581d ago

Yeah, good point.. I guess I thought the big companies would save such fresh features for their next-gen offerings...

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