Eurogamer: PS3 firmware to enable Vita Remote Play for all games

A future PlayStation 3 firmware update will enable Vita Remote Play on all games, Eurogamer has learnt.

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remanutd552551d ago

All games ? wow , hopefully it wont lag that much , trying to play Lair on my psp was a pain but for what i've seen of Killzone 3 running on the vita i think lag wont be that much of a problem

ApplEaglElephant2551d ago

OnLive is able to stream games from hundreds of miles away without much lag.

I think Vita should be able to stream games from only dozen miles away with even less games.

Masta_fro2551d ago


This is absolutely huge for me just because of Gran Turismo 5 remote play!

Are you freaking kidding me?? Thats ridiculous!

InfectedDK2551d ago

This is sweet. I did not know whether to buy the Vita or not but this seals it. I am going to buy it because of this right here :)

inveni02551d ago

This would be totally rad, man. Talk about a huge catalog of games available at launch.

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NEW-AGE2551d ago

My eyes are getting Raped just reading this

NukaCola2551d ago

Pardon me will I clean up the mess I made...

...From spewing all the soda out of my wow in excitement.

I think the first thing I really would like to try is Flower using Vita Sixaxis, followed some Mass Effect 3 since it's releasing about the same time(This is streaming remote play right?)

NEW-AGE2551d ago

Mass Effect 3 coming December 17, that should be a new article

Cloudberry2551d ago

Yakuza 3, 4, Dead Souls, and future 5 would be my main choices.

InfectedDK2551d ago

Streets of Rage II, Dead Nation, Bomberman, Worms, Angry Birds, Castle Crashers, Swords n Soldiers, WipeOut, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 3 etc. etc. etc. here!

miyamoto2551d ago

So this streaming feature basically means that...

while I am in the middle of Uncharted 3 MP on my PS3, then suddenly its time for my girl to watch the Food Network... I will just power up the Vita, stream the game to it ... switch my HDTV from HDMI to TV without turning off my PS3 while and continue playing away while she watches the TV show?

remanutd552551d ago

possibly yea , why not ? the demoed Killzone 3 on stage and it looked pretty good but i dont know it you can play multiplayer online through remote play

MasterCornholio2551d ago

Oooo sounds like a feature that a recently announced console has.

Lol what a coincidence.


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Undeadwolfy2551d ago

Cant wait to see get my hands on a Vita and play some MGS4, Uncharted, Motorstorm and many other favourites on the go. So excited. Its like a dream come true. :D

remanutd552551d ago

hey you play Motorstorm Apocalypse online ? if you do add me , i'd love to add more LUNATICS to my psn friends list

remanutd552551d ago

hey guys i was thinking , are we gonna be able to play Remote play using 3G ? or just wifi?

Undeadwolfy2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Those details haven't been announced yet unfortunately. Just whats in the article but I assume it will be WiFi only to stay responsive. I wonder if a 4G Vita is ever launched would it support remote play? The speeds are sufficient. Unfortunately here in the UK we don't have 4G and estimated to not be an option until 2013 at the very earliest. :(

Also, my friend's borrowing Motorstorm Apocalypse for a while. We normally borrow games for like months at a time so don't know when i'll get it back but when I do, id love to join you online. :)

@Below thanks for the clarification. +Bubs helpful

PixL2551d ago

It's not speed that you want but latency. Ping of cellular internet is too low for such purpose. Think of how good connection you need for OnLive. Vita's screen is quite small but still a lot to send and receive if you want smooth gameplay.

It will be wifi only and best when you stay within the same LAN like your house. Still, a big news for me. May convince me to buy Vita faster as I don't play much outside home.

Redempteur2551d ago

(close range wifi)
Unless lag is your friend

phosphor1122551d ago

3G is too slow and very limited. Wifi is still great enough. I'm almost always in a hot spot.

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r212551d ago

that is gonna be an epic and awesome update.

Agheil2551d ago


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