I Am Alive big-budget future discussed: Staff of hundreds 'similar to Assassin's Creed'

Ubisoft has discussed a big-budget future similar to Assassin's Creed for I Am Alive.

Creative director Stan Mettra said that it had to "pull back" from the original scope of the project, which saw players explore a destroyed city days after a devastating earthquake, which it hopes to explore in future games.

"We choose to pull back in time to one year after, to not have to really deal with some things that are really hard, you know, police on the street, riots with thousands of people, and the previous game didn't have that, and that was a problem," said Mettra.

"That costs... I mean, maybe later we get the chance to do something like that if the people like this game, they want to expand and can show more of this."

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OcularVision2580d ago

Another post-apocalyptic movie set in the near future with a disgruntled male protagonist?

The_Nameless_One2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Ubisoft should just start naming all their other games "Not Assassin's Creed". Hoever, I gotta give it to them. At least they try doing other stuff unlike Activision. We'll see if they redeem themselves by actually making Beyond Good and Evil 2.

ironfist922580d ago

At least they do something different by making realistic. No stupid zombies or other pointless supernatural or science-fictions elements.