Sony keen for more Heavy Rain-like games

Heavy Rain-like games could be an area of "huge potential growth" for Sony, according to two of the company's most senior executives.

"I think with Heavy Rain we really did create a different type of experience, and something that even non-gamers - members of my family who don't play games - really got immersed in," said John Rostron, senior director of SCE XDev Studio Europe, speaking at today's Develop Liverpool conference.

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LarVanian1981d ago

Dear Sony
Please just buy Quantic Dream. That is all.

sinncross1981d ago

They have like a 3 game deal with them atm, with the new QD game being a ps3 exclusive. Cage wanted the game shown at E3, he said so himself, but Sony decided not to. I think Sony will buy them once the game has gone gold.

That said, I would really like Sony to buy Ready At Dawn and maybe some Japanese dev to bolster Japan Studios more.

As for more HR like experiences: sure, it only adds to the variety Sony also brings to the software table ,whether you like them or not.

LarVanian1981d ago

Was that the 'Infraworld' game that Sony trademarked back in August? I heard it was cancelled :(.
Although if it is a different game then I hope Sony announce at the VGA Awards.

sinncross1981d ago

Cage never said... so excitement still going around. VGA`s hopefully!

theunleashed641981d ago


it was cancelled back in 2006 just when they were working on both this and omikron 2. though for it to be trademarked after all this time means possibly it might of got sony's interest or it was a chance david cage saw to continue the project.

Cloudberry1981d ago

I was just gonna say that.

GraveLord1981d ago

They haven't bought them yet?
Well if their next game sells well they probably will.

thesummerofgeorge1981d ago

I second that motion. Quantic dream would be a perfect addition. I like developers that take risks.

pedo_across-the-road1981d ago

What happened to Eight Days and Getaway 3

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Pozzle1981d ago

Sounds good to me! Heck, an entire genre (I think that's the right word?) might be born out of these types of games.

blackburn101981d ago

Good. Heavy Rain' s genre is worth exploring for the evolution of gaming storytelling. People can harp on about its plot holes all they like. It was damn better then a lot of stories and dialogue I have heard this gen. Seriously some of them made me want to mute the television when the cutscenes started.

laoboy_Smoke1981d ago

Where's the like button!?

TardcoreGamer1981d ago

i hope they do make more games like HR. Then again Sony has backed these kinds of experiences since Metal Gear Solid.

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The story is too old to be commented.