Red Dead Redemption 4x XP Event This Weekend!

WolfsGamingBlog writes: "If you were worried that you’d never attain the highest ranks of Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer mayhem then you can cease your endless worrying because those kind lads and ladies over at Rockstar have announced that this weekend will be a 4x XP event."

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Blacktric2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I actually got to level 50 from level 1 in less than 2 days during last week's triple XP event on PSN. I think I'll pass into legend mode (prestige) and then get to level 50 again. It was really fun to raid bandit camps and earn tons of XP. I wish GTA IV supported this too. It's much more painful to get to level 10 in GTA IV than getting level 50 in Red Dead during non-special times.

BattleTorn2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

leveling in GTAIV is punishing, as if they don't want to do attempt it.

Once I got to Lvl5 and found out that I had to double all the XP I had already earned, (Which took quite a bit of time of itself)
I complete stop playing ranked matches.

•Rank 1 - $1,000 x10 > Rank2
•Rank 2 - $10,000 x5 > Rank3
•Rank 3 - $50,000 x2 > Rank4
•Rank 4 - $100,000 x2.5 > Rank5
•Rank 5 - $250,000 x2 > Rank6
•Rank 6 - $500,000 x1.5 > Rank7
•Rank 7 - $750,000 x1.3 > Rank8
•Rank 8 - $1 Million x2.5 > Rank9
•Rank 9 - $2.5 Million x2 > Rank10
•Rank 10 - $5 Million

Curiously leveling to Rank7 is the easiest gap.

bloodybutcher2579d ago

maybe i can finally get to levl 50^^

Blacktric2579d ago

I recently prestiged and reached level 20 in one sit (less than an hour) by keep playing Pike's Basin hideout. It approximately gives 7.2k XP if you do it alone. Takes about 6-8 minutes or so tops. You can easily get to level 50 in the course of 4 days if you play like an hour each day believe me. I first got to level 50 from nothing during last week's triple XP event. It should be much easier now.

bloodybutcher2578d ago

well,i normally do it at...what was it...sollomon´s folly?or sometimes at tesoro azul.or sth like that,can´t remember those names xD i am disappointed that i will never get platinu trophy at this game...just like kz2,i really like it but i am unable to get all the trophies.i suck at gaming xD (still love it though)

LoneWanderer092578d ago

Been 5 prestige for sometime, taking advantage of the triple XP is what really helped me get to 5

manitobawpg2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Its BS how they save your rank on the xbox and not server side.

Was at level 40 and i accidently deleted my save and i lost my rank so i just sold the game

Tried some halo reach after not playing it for a year and my rank still warrant officer. thats the way it should be done