The “Mario Kills Tanooki” controversy shows that gamers aren’t ready for gaming as an artform.

It’s easy to attack Peta when their tactics are so far removed from good taste, but there is a feeling among those attacking Peta that their argument does not involve gaming. They are outsiders, their political machinations belong to a different world, and sweet innocent Mario is a piece of entertainment and is not involved in their cause. This view seems to be totally at odds with those who would put forward gaming as an artistic medium. Peta isn’t an outside, some intruder trying to attack gaming, it as a community using gaming as a platform to communicate new ideas.

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Pikajew2554d ago

It shows most gamers are stupid for getting mad at stupid stuff

illogicology2554d ago

I don't think gamers are stupid to get mad, particularly if its a topic they care about. But I think by treating all criticism as thought it comes from "outsiders" they risk turning people within the community off the idea of using games as a form of expression.