Unreal Tournament 3 Hardware Performance Guide

Gamespot reports:

"Unreal Tournament 3, based on Epic's Unreal Engine 3, has been in development for years. BioShock, Gears of War, and Mass Effect also use Unreal Engine 3 yet preceded Unreal Tournament 3's arrival by a few months, and almost a year in the case of Gears of War. The games may all use the same engine, but they have very different hardware requirements. Whereas BioShock requires powerful hardware to run, Unreal Tournament 3 doesn't leave anyone out of the fun. Mid-range CPUs and video cards from two years ago can run the game just fine, and with marvelous image quality. Of course, if you want more performance, higher resolutions, and antialiasing, more power is the way to go.

We tested Unreal Tournament 3 using the UT3Bench utility. The utility uses multiple demos, but we stuck with the Suspense flyby demo for all of our performance tests. The flyby takes a 60-second aerial tour of one of the larger vehicle-based multiplayer maps. All results are the average of three test runs:"

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RockyJuan3881d ago

I cant wait till this game comes out. If gears of war used the same engine....that means this game is going to be awsome. o i cant wait.

Charlie26883881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

If the retail version plays the same as the demo then I am set since I was able to run it on 1680x1050 with everything on max :D

ruibing3881d ago

Your lucky, I wish my desktop or laptop had yours specs.