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potedude2577d ago

Have you seen how you have to redeem it? A lot of hassle for an admittedly very cool game.

I want to know why it wasn't included on the disc in the first place? Its not for lack of space...

MGRogue20172577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

a lot of hassle? lol.. do you want it or not? sheesh, people complain about everything nowadays. =/

The whole process seems very straightforward to me.

ShadowKingx2577d ago

its was probably going to be the same way if it was released day one. beside i dont know why everyone it bitching about a game that only has 2 maps 3 weapons and 1 plane. when battlefield 3 is the same damn thing with more in it.

for someone to just go class action lawsuit really is cheap. what 10 bucks really going to hurt you. when you spend that everyday on lunch or snacks probably.

deadpoole2576d ago

Its about time ... thank you Dice.

potedude2577d ago

Well why couldn't be on the disc and they email us an unlock code. I don't think that is too much to ask for.

TheDareDevil2577d ago

"DICE stated that it was a misunderstanding"

No misunderstanding, the lawsuit hurt them bad so now they're backtracking.

Sarcasmology2577d ago

Oh and your lawsuits.

Emilio_Estevez2577d ago

Well that lawsuit did just end up getting what they had said they were giving. They would have lost, false advertising/bait and switch.

KMCROC542577d ago

(bunch of whinners) I was told i was going to be famous, should i sue the person that told me or fame . better yet i will whine about then it will be given to me. (Y.F.L)

sllshrm2577d ago

So PS3 users are getting one-week early access AND 1943?
What about Xbox and PC users?

*Off to my lawyer for a lawsuit....and eat a sammich*

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The story is too old to be commented.