New Video Interview & Gameplay of Escape Plan

Sony released a new Video Interview of Escape Plan in that Producer Matt Morton explained the Game. There are also some new Gameplay Footage.

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NukaCola2550d ago

The oddworld trial and error gameplay is freaking brilliant. Now I want the ABE HD oddowlr dto come to Vita too!

blusoops2550d ago

It IS coming. But first Strangers Wrath will come out.

NukaCola2550d ago

Stranger HD is coming first, the Munch HD (Both on PSN and Vita)

Abe's Oddysee HD is a remastered game that will still retain the original feel in 2.5D but in gorgeous graphics. PS3 or PSN in 2012, no owrd on Vita and I do have to say I am excited. The original two games are my favorite of any game ever. I love them. I just hope they don't loose any darkness or quirky look in the art. Xbox Odd games didn't look as Oddworldy and I want the HD game to look like the originals which to this day being about 12-13 years old now are still more visually impressive than many games today. Imagine the depth in the backround of RuptureFarms, the light of the moon, the chunks of meat flying at the cam, the foreground, backgrounds, the lush Mosaic Temple grounds. I am excited!