Things to be thankful for: Grand video game endings

GoGamingGiant- "I just finished Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Batman Arkham City and while there were both good games, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing from the experience. Both games did their genre justice, specifically Batman more so than AC in this case, but I still felt that something else did not propel either of these games or any of the games I’ve played in the last few years into the category of “best games ever” listing. Sure there might be some games that come close like Mass Effect, but what I’m most thankful for are the older games that shaped my childhood."

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omicron0092495d ago

the original Mario Brothers will always be the best ending to me cause it's the first game I ever beat.

lorianguy2495d ago

Mario Galaxy Ending was great, the recent Uncharted 3 ending was great. Battlefield 3's campaign ended well too IMO.

A dedicated dev will give a good ending.

ironfist922494d ago

I almost cried at the end of Revelations. Such an Amazing conclusion.