Wii Fit Launches In Japan

This is it, kids. The start of a new era of video gaming has begun as Nintendo has shipped Wii Fit in Japan. The 8800 yen (about $80 US) game with its custom controller, the Wii balance board, was revealed at E3 2007, with some expecting it to act as the Wii's answer to Nintendo DS-selling mega-hit Brain Age.

North American and European gamers won't have access to Wii Fit until sometime in 2008, but Japan is burning calories as we speak (or will be within hours).

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IGNFTW3761d ago


Marceles3761d ago

try telling that to the japanese

remix3761d ago

i wonder how much it will sell. man nintindo really is doing good with this. props for them, even though i hate the wii, i have to give respect to nintindo for saving gaming back in the day.

still nintindo wii


Props? For what? A fu*king exercise machine? Keep waiting for my props...

Buy your ab-swing, ab-enforcer, ab-anything... ab-wiifit.

Seriously, can it be any worse for Nintendo's Library? Sorry about Metroid, Legend Of Zelda, Zack and Wiki, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. 'Brown', but you all got owned...

hamburgerhill3761d ago

If this wiifit thing really works then I might just get one to motivate my chick to go with me to the gym!

B Man3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

But I sure as hell hope they make a surfing, or even skating game for wii that uses that board. I'd imagine that surfing on that board would be a work out... only difference is a surfing game would be an actual game!

All Wii fit is is the Exercise mode in DDR... with a difference thing to stand on.

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