A reader reviews the Dual Shock 3 with favorable results

Ars Technica explains:

"The Dual Shock 3, with rumble enabled, is now available in Japan. Importing may be expensive, but one of our loyal forum-goers decided to drop an impressive $75.20 on the peripheral and was nice enough to share his thoughts on the controller. First, for people who complain that the Sixaxis is too light, he gives us the weight of the new controller compared to its predecessors.

SIXAXIS 4.7 oz
DualShock 3 6.5 oz
DualShock 2 5.5 oz
Logitech 9.2 oz

That seems like a good weight, but if the game doesn't work with existing games, who cares? Luckily, the rumble improves the Uncharted experience. "Now this is more like it-jump down from a height of six feet, and there's a little shudder. Shoot an exploding barrel, and I can feel it through the ground. Cause ancient Aztec machinery to move, and I can feel stone grinding. Get in a fistfight and the blows have weight and impact," Evan E writes "This brings my total Uncharted expenses to $135-it's worth every damn penny."

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razer3914d ago

should be here early next week. Can't wait to try out Drakes and some others with rumble. Thanks to Gamesblow (-$5 off coupon) I was able to get mine for around $69.00. not too bad considering they will probably retail for around $60.00 anyway and I get it 6 months early.

C_SoL3914d ago

U pay attention to arrogent Sony fans, but at the same time theres those arrogent Mircosoft fans around u. I don't see why u don't talk $hit to them too or ignore them. Well man, I hope u enjoy ur DS3 with Uncharted.

WilliamRLBaker3914d ago

sony fanboys outnumber the 360 ones.

razer3914d ago

So are you saying that Gamesblow is an arrogant Sony fan? There are a good number of non-arrogant Sony fans on this site but the vocal majority are. There are some bad 360 folks as well but they are so small in numbers that they are easily ignored. I don't try and hide that I do prefer the 360 over the PS3. But I also know that Sony knows their gaming and I give them props for all they've done for the industry and that the PS3 is pushing boundaries. I am not a 360 fanboy like some may think.

I think it's time I update my bio page because I can see how you would be confused. I've been attacked so many times on this site by Sony fanboys that I've gotten more defensive against them then I should be.

assjacket3914d ago

I just got mine in the mail today! It works as expected, love having rumble back in my PS games.
I ordered the white version just cause!!

Frulond3914d ago

just got a pair today in ceramic white :)
love the extra weight too feels complete :)

Frances-the-Mute3914d ago

so when does it really come out? cuz i cant afford it right now

sheng long3914d ago

I gave gamesblow a bubble for his trouble.
mine should be arriving next week, i can't wait.

C_SoL3914d ago

I'll wait, I won't die, I think....

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The story is too old to be commented.