FP Review: Skyward Sword let down by the Wii hardware

The pain of Skyward Sword is in its potential. It could be so much more. The tools at Link’s disposal and the world around him deserve to be used in a better way.

The sword is satisfying, the way the player needs to swing it is not. The Wiimote is great for aiming a weapon, as it was used in Twilight Princess, but not for moving. Every new, exciting environment becomes something to trudge through, with wanting to avoid enemies instead of using creative ways of dispatching them. All the elements are here for a fantastic action adventure, but the controls that hold them together make the player feel like the flaw of the game.

When, in truth, the Wii, as a platform, has failed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Stealth2k2579d ago

why should I care about a review that has no idea what its talking about

Gregard2579d ago

There are only 2 explanations here.... Either he just sucks, or he busted his Wii / Wii-mote over the years :P

Then again, both explanations might be true at the same time :P

Rowland2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

this might be a great game but totally looks like an old faded disney cartoon for kids. Would love Bethesda to get hold of 'Zelda'!

mamotte2579d ago

"totally looks like an old faded disney cartoon for kids"

Come on, that isnt a bad point. Not everyone in the gaming world like to see realist black gray and brown color in games. Movies like wall-e, up, the incredibles, all of'em has more artistic value than BF3 and COD3 togheter. Different worlds? I know, but, disney cartoon for kids are not, in any way, a bad thing.

Rowland2579d ago

no worries - not saying it's bad thing at all and can see the style is an 'art form' but Disney do real life action/adventure for kids too!

Pozzle2579d ago

To be fair, Nintendo said their goal was to make the graphics resemble a watercolor picture, which might be why it has a 'faded' or 'cartoon' look.

Rowland2579d ago

I agree & that's great !

PygmelionHunter2579d ago

Bathesda? Random freezes and glitches, not to mention frame drops... In my Zelda?! I'll pass...

ssb31732579d ago

This is a really good game, would advise people to buy it, both those who have a wii or are planning/thinking of getting one