Skyrole: 29% Of You Are Warriors

Rock Paper Shotgun: I was certain, absolutely certain, that the majority of you would have pursued mostly wizardly activities in Skyrim, what with all the magic and the magic college and everything. But not so. The majority of the twenty thousand people who polled in our Skyrim survey played as warriors, with mages (21%) coming in second.

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herukuti2456d ago

the game seems like its more favored to heavy armors with a shield and sword being more powerful than all other dps types.

my character is a redguard with ebony mail armor upgraded to exquisite, volondrung helmet some ox boots a 30 stamina regen and 30 health regen ring spellbreaker shield and an ebony pair of gauntlets that have 20+ dmg to 1 handed and an ebony waraxe that paralyzes for 4 seconds that exquisite. and im under the lord sign.

ive tried stealth melee and stealth range as well as high elf dual casting destruction mage but none of the other classes seem as fullfilling as my warrior. with my warrior i can go into an instance and kill everything, with the other classes theresd always a gimmick to staying alive.

the only thing i dont like about the ebony mail is always looking midnight black in combat or sneaking. but the spellbreaker is a game changer.

MariaHelFutura2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Im a complete Mage, I have NO armor, no swords, no bows. My magic is about 550 and regenerates at about 500-600%

m-s-8-22456d ago

I never cared for melee combat in elder scrolls games. Always seemed so clunky and never bothered with a magic based class in rpgs. I always go bow/stealth.

DasTier2456d ago

Skyrims melee combat is made a lot more fun than oblivions by the inclusion of little fallout esc, finishing moves. (I saw fallout because you got those occasional slowmo kills and its kind of like that)

DasTier2456d ago

I just always have the urge to play as a nord with long flowing blond hair, a massive nose, a huge sledgehammer, very little or no Armour and call myself Hunter Hurst Helmsly.

Darkfiber2456d ago

Rogue/mage hybrid. I hate warriors, so boring.

sonicsidewinder2456d ago

It's just cus THOSE people had no imagination and probobly bought the game to be the generic Nord guy in the adverts.

Rogue through and through.

MidnytRain2455d ago

You make it sound like being a warrior is a bad thing...

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