27 Most Dangerous Gaming Myths

GamePro shatters 27 video game myths: HD-DVD versus Blu-ray, HDMI versus component, the PS3 is a failure, Console makers lose money on every console sold, backward compatibility is a crucial feature, 1080p doesn't look any better than 720p & The PSP has failed and more...

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Greysturm3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Lots of them have been discussed here its good that people finally know the truth.

1080p>1080i 720p>1080i

which has been argued since eternity.

iceice1233884d ago

Isn't 1080i the worst? 720p gives you that amount of lines all the time. While 1080i dips down to like 520 when there's on screen action, making it undesirable. That's what I was told, wish I'd bought a 720p instead.

deeznuts3884d ago

No it's not worse, it's just different. Only 520 lines are refreshed each cycle, but you still get 1080 lines of information. 720 of course, you only 720, but it is refreshed each cycle. So 720p is probably better for fast action stuff, but 1080i will provide good detail etc. with movies etc.

littletad3884d ago

Those are facts, but their not necessities.

unlimited3884d ago

Blu-ray is going to dominate they are winning at the moment..also next year the ps3 will push a lot of sales because of so many good exclusive games coming for the 360 they not making NO money selling their console since they paying up to 1 billion on repairs only covering the red lights..which sucks because everyone knows the 360 crashes, scratches disk and etc..Microsoft should lose more then 1 billion..but the xbots keep supporint them no more matter what which is dumb..

littletad3884d ago

And even worse you sound like an incompetent fanboy.

littletad3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Their second myth is already laughable. BC is a HUGE deal. The ps2 had some... what? 3 thousand or so games in its still ongoing life? I have 50 ps2 games that are only going to be playable as long as I keep my ps2, so the ps3 basically only plays ps3 games now. Who gives a crap what gamepro has to say about it, it's a slap to the hardcore fanbase period. continuing reading the article...

I don't give a hoot to who disagrees, but disagreeing to BC actually being an important factor? Ouch.

littletad3884d ago

Myth: Blu-ray is beating HD-DVD and vice versa.

Maybe we spoke too soon. In reality, Blu-ray and HD-DVD are in a virtual stalemate. How do we know? Because Sony's CEO said so himself. "It's been a difficult fight. We were trying to win on the merits, which we were doing for a while, until Paramount changed sides,"

So there you have it, their counter and "bust" to this particular myth is based on an executives remark...


littletad3884d ago

Their best myth busted. Kudos for that one.

Big Jim3884d ago

Backward compatibility is definitely NOT a huge deal to normal people. Most people don't keep playing 7 year old games again and again and again for the rest of their lives. They move on to new games. I have never played a PS2 game since I got my 360 and later my PS3 and I don't think I ever will. Why would I? I get bored with them and I move on to something new. That is what the average man does, and that is why backward compatibility doesn't matter.

actas1233884d ago

That won't be a problem at all when Sony starts selling downloadable PS2 games for the PS3 just like what they are doing now with some Ps1 games.

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jackdoe3884d ago

How old is the article? They mention "Fasa's upcoming shooter Shadowrun" in the last myth.

wAtdaFck3884d ago

Dated today

Feature by Sid Shuman | 11/30/2007 | 11:51:41 AM PST

mikeslemonade3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I agree with everything in the article except the part where he says that neither hd-dvd or blu-ray is winning. Blu-ray is winning. Also 1080p is needed except right now it's too pricy. Im not completely satisfied with 720p right now and I need 1080p, but until it comes down in price I won't buy it.

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